«When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.»

-Victor E. Frankl.

«The MBSR program with Arnaud was for me the beginning of a major change in the way I manage my thoughts and emotions, instead of being constantly the victim of their incessant whirlwind, I now manage to tame them calmly and let go… simply by observing them»



Sonsoles L.

«I started my MBSR out of curiosity. Being a coach, I have the obligation to train myself with various tools and to have a wide range of possibilities to help the people I coach. I had heard about Mindfulness, and I wanted to try on my own, to find out if it was effective or not. It was a big revelation, every week I was learning something new about myself. Arnaud, with his professionalism, and his gift of transmission helped me a great deal throughout these 8 weeks and I will always be grateful to him: he transmitted to me his knowledge and supported me a lot in my questions and doubts about my practice»

Stephanie F.

«This course was for me (in a complicated moment of my life) a pleasant experience where I learned to handle my flow of thoughts with more tranquility in order to be present and to live in a more complete and calm life»


Marisa P.

«I have learned stop, to feel, to live the moment, to recognize what are memories and what are desires … To breathe, to observe and finally understood that the only thing that matters is the present. This course has taught me techniques that will help me to live a fuller life»

Natalia U.
angel urbina

«For me discovering Mindfullnes has meant opening my mind and realizing that I could take back control over my life.

It has allowed me to become more aware of the importance of living in the present moment, to be more aware of how I think, move and feel (both physically and emotionally). It has taught me to actively listen to myself, to detect my internal conflicts and react to them in a more constructive way»

Angel U.