«When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.»

-Victor E. Frankl.

«A great experience, a simple practice that helps a great deal in your daily life… to be more aware and awake. With a little discipline you will get great results»



Chano P.

angel urbina

«For me discovering Mindfullnes has meant opening my mind and realizing that I could take back control over my life.

It has allowed me to become more aware of the importance of living in the present moment, to be more aware of how I think, move and feel (both physically and emotionally). It has taught me to actively listen to myself, to detect my internal conflicts and react to them in a more constructive way»

Angel U.

«The MBSR program with Arnaud was for me the beginning of a major change in the way I manage my thoughts and emotions, instead of being constantly the victim of their incessant whirlwind, I now manage to tame them calmly and let go… simply by observing them»



Sonsoles L.

«I had meditated before, but together with Arnaud I learned details that made a real difference; I stopped pressuring myself trying to achieve too much and I learned to really let go, this insight really calmed my mind and really made me realized the true importance of simplicity»

Paloma M.

«I started my MBSR out of curiosity. Being a coach, I have the obligation to train myself with various tools and to have a wide range of possibilities to help the people I coach. I had heard about Mindfulness, and I wanted to try on my own, to find out if it was effective or not. It was a big revelation, every week I was learning something new about myself. Arnaud, with his professionalism, and his gift of transmission helped me a great deal throughout these 8 weeks and I will always be grateful to him: he transmitted to me his knowledge and supported me a lot in my questions and doubts about my practice»

Stephanie F.